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1. Select up to 3 colors to be used in your plates.  (Additional colors may be used at the artist's discretion.)  Click here to view color selection. ( Link will open in a new window) Color 1: ______________________

Color 2:  ______________________

Color 3:  ______________________

2. Select your plate design:
  • Caned
  • Swirled
  • Marbled
  • Gradiated
  • Artist Choice

Design: ______________________

3. Select the quantity of plates Quantity:  ______________________
4. Select your plate type and size (click here to view representative plates), or sketch your plate in the space below:

rectangle shape


Plate #1: ______________________


Plate #2: ______________________


Plate #3: ______________________


Plate #4: ______________________


5. Enter any additional comments or instructions:  




6. Order Information:



(Please use a new form for each color combination.)

Please print this form, complete, and forward to ArtistCrafts.  For your convenience, you may select "Save As" from your browser's "File" menu.  ArtistCrafts will contact you upon receipt of this form to verify your order, to provide you with an estimated completion date.  You will be provided with the total cost of your order at this time.  A 50% deposit is required before work on your order will begin.  .

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