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Laurel Nevans has been a craft artist since she was a young child.  She first began experimenting with finger paints as a toddler, and she continued experimenting with different media as she grew.  While in college, Laurel developed a fascination with wearable art, and so, she began designing beaded jewelry in between classes.

In the early 1990's, Laurel discovered polymer clay.  She began creating her own colorful beads  to serve as centerpieces for her jewelry designs.  The more she worked with polymer clay, the more she could see its possibilities as a base for different creations.  Soon, Laurel began using polymer clay to create a whole line of decorative accents.

Laurel especially likes the colorful swirls that can be created using polymer clay.  A fan of modern, abstract art and impressionistic paintings, Laurel started incorporating these art techniques into her polymer clay work.  She carefully works the clay to develop one-of-a-kind pieces that are true works of decorative art.

In Laurel's "other life", she is a web designer and computer consultant for small businesses.  She is also available to build a website similar to this one for your company or portfolio.  For more information about web development services, please e-mail

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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