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Items Inspired by the
9/11 Tragedy and its Aftermath

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105-0523_IMG_small.JPG (150x92 -- 5621 bytes)   Flag Box, Opened

As with many artists, the events of September 11, 2001 evoked all kinds of emotions.  Some of my feelings are summarized in my 9/11 Tragedy Memorial Website (

However, as with most Americans, the events and their aftermath also made me feel a deep pride in my country, our heroes, and my fellow Americans.  All around me, folks were showing the terrorists that "these colors don't run".  American flags started appearing in every car window, on every overpass, and on many lapels.  Customers began asking me for flag-themed accessories for their homes.

I created "Victory Ribbons" soon after the World Trade Center fell.  They were created as a tribute to all of our fallen heroes, and as a fundraiser for those impacted by the disaster in New York.  (Visit our "Victory Ribbons" page for the full story on these pins.)

103-0384_IMG_small.jpg (96x120 -- 3485 bytes)

As the country pulled together, stood strong, and continued our fight, I continued to be inspired.  Wanting to express my patriotism from head to toe, I designed a few hair accessories to help control my long locks while I worked.  Then, I created a line of switchplate covers to adorn the walls of American homes.  In addition, I created several perfume bottles to be sold at my upcoming shows.  Switchplates and hair accessories are available through our online store.  A portion of the profits from all patriotic items will go to charity (911 Disaster Relief Funds).

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Please use the links below to explore my patriotic galleries.  I've also included a link to Irish Red's Patriotic Gallery.  Irish Red has been gathering pictures of patriotic art work produced by the polymer clay community.  Many of the items shown in her gallery are available for sale, with many sales benefiting 9/11 Disaster Relief Funds.

bulletPatriotic Switchplate Covers
bulletPatriotic Hair Accessories
bullet Victory Ribbon Pins
bulletPatriotic Perfume Bottle Gallery
bullet Irish Red's Patriotic Gallery

10% of the price of all patriotic art pieces will be donated to 911 Disaster Relief Funds.  $2 from the sale of each Victory Ribbon Pin will be donated to disaster relief charities.


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