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Switchplate Covers

Patriotic Wide/Slide                         Patriotic American Flag--Single Plate

Adorn your walls with ArtistCrafts' patriotic switchplate covers.  Made from metallic red, white, and metallic blue premo, they resemble an American Flag.

Patriotic Flag-Motif Triple Switchplate Cover

Patriotic Switchplate Covers are available in single, double, and triple sizes.  In addition, we sell single and double plug covers, as well as "wide/slide" plate covers.  (See our plate styles page for illustrations of the various sizes and styles.)

Single Patriotic Switchplate   Broken Star Single Switchplate (Pentagon Memorial)

All switchplate covers are hand-made, to order, by Laurel Nevans.  They are available with a natural finish or with an acrylic finish.  Please use our Order Form to get your own Patriotic Switchplate cover.  They are beautiful in your own home, and they make great gifts.
Patriotic Single   Patriotic/Flag Single Plug Cover




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