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Perfume Bottles ( 2)
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Patriotic Perfume Bottle Gallery
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Patriotic Bottle #1 104-0451_IMG_small.JPG (84x150 -- 5847 bytes) 104-0453_IMG_small.JPG (79x150 -- 5572 bytes)
104-0454_IMG_small.JPG (78x150 -- 5771 bytes) 104-0457_IMG_small.JPG (67x150 -- 4058 bytes) 104-0459_IMG_small.JPG (80x150 -- 5342 bytes)
104-0460_IMG_small.JPG (99x150 -- 6851 bytes) 104-0461_IMG_small.JPG (98x150 -- 6049 bytes) 104-0464_IMG_small.JPG (81x150 -- 6316 bytes)
104-0465_IMG_small.JPG (91x150 -- 5719 bytes) 104-0468_IMG_small.JPG (87x150 -- 5787 bytes) 104-0471_IMG_small.JPG (89x150 -- 4296 bytes)
  104-0472_IMG_small.JPG (81x150 -- 5744 bytes)  
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These bottles are shown as an example of my work.  These bottles are available for purchase at Art and Craft shows.  Similar bottles are available for purchase by special order.  Please contact for more information about purchasing these or similar bottles.  10% of the purchase price of all patriotic perfume bottles will be donated to charity (911 Disaster Relief Funds).



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