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Artistcrafts' Penn Pen Order Form has three types of pens in our product line: Pen Pot Sets, Click Pens, and Cross-Style Twist Pens.  Pen Pots are available in desk style, stick-up, and magnetic, and contain stick-type pens.  (The stick-up pen pots are perfect for computer monitors or telephones; the magnetic ones are perfect for the refrigerator.)  We also offer pen sets made in "school colors"--the perfect gift for a new grad heading off to college or for an old alumnus.  Please e-mail for information on how to order without using PayPal.

Penn Pens

Pen Pot Sets:     $15.00

  • Magnetic
  • Velcro
  • Stick-Up
  • Desk Pot

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(Please indicate style in "customer notes" section. If not specified, a desk pot will be sent)


Clicker Pen (Retractable Ball Points): $15.00

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Cross-Style Twist Pen: $25

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Penn Desk Set $100.00

Penn Desk Set: $100

Includes base with lidded section, open section, pen holder with 2 pens, letter opener, and card holder with weights.

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Penn Desk Holder Set: $75

Includes base with lidded section, open section, and pen holder with one pen.

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