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About Polymer Clay

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What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer Clay is a man-made clay.  The first brand of polymer clay, Fimo, was invented in Germany, during World War I.  A German doll maker was looking for an alternative to porcelain, and in her quest, invented FIne MOdeling material, or FIMO. 

Polymer clay began to catch on as an art medium in the early 1990s.  By this time, polyform products had begun manufacturing an American polymer clay (the Sculpey and ProMat line of products.)  Also, Nan Roche published her groundbreaking book, The New Clay, which helped to introduce the possibilities for this exciting medium.

As more artists began discovering polymer clay, the medium itself continued to offer new choices.  In the late 1990s, polyform introduced their Premo line of clays.  With this line came the first, strong and truly translucent polymer clay.  And in 2003, renowned polymer clay artist Donna Kato introduced her own line of polymer clay. 


Why Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a truly fascinating medium with which to work.  Polymer clay is fairly unique in its ability to be formed into canes, or long rods in which the complex pattern is repeated throughout.  The only other medium which offers this possibility is glass.  In fact, many polymer clay techniques echo those found in glasswork.  However, polymer clay is a much more cost-effective medium with which to work.  Furthermore, polymer clay can be applied to a variety of surfaces and combined with a multitude of different media.  Polymer clay can be more durable than similar items produced in glass as well.

Polymer clay is a man-made clay.  Therefore, no environmental mining is necessary to produce the clay.  The clay is produced in factories, and the brands we use at Artistcrafts are produced in the USA.  Furthermore, the clay is fired at low temperatures, and unless it is burned, does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. 

Polymer clay is a beautiful, versatile medium.   It can form beautiful blends, complex canes, or subtle waves.  Polymer clay can mimic precious stones and metals, or remind one of stained glass.  Working with polymer clay, the artistic possibilities are endless.


Polymer Clay Manufacturers Sites

More information about Polymer Clay can be found at the following manufacturers web sites:
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In addition, more information can be found at the following web sites:

(More links will be available soon on our upcoming "Links" page.)


Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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