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Clayers with Disabilities

List Rules

We ask that all members observe standard mailing list etiquette when posting to this list. In addition, please observe the following guidelines when posting to the list:

--No Flaming (personal abusive attacks intended to incite, degrade, make fun of another person or their ideas with no positive outcome.) Additionally, flaming of moderators, either on or off list for their actions on the list, is not permitted. Use good manners, and differences can easily be avoided without things degrading to a flame war. We are here to help each other. Attacks include name-calling and do no good except to get the list upset. Flaming and other forms of harassment on OR offlist are grounds for removal from the list. Direct your comments to the idea, not the person and always be willing to "agree to disagree".

--No Spam (Sales pitches, requests for Aid to Children, chain letters, Business opportunities, GetRichQuick schemes, MLM opportunities ,etc.). Spamming the list will cause you to immediately be banned from the list.

--No Advertising of any kind on the list. You may share favorite web sites and products, but direct advertising is not allowed. If you have any questions, contact the list moderators.

--No Attachments. This list has the Attachments option turned off to protect list members from viruses.

--No Virus Warnings onlist. Please send them to the Moderators, who will handle any warnings of ANY kind via an Admin email to the list.

--Stay on-topic as much as possible. If you MUST post something that is off-topic for this list, you must "pay" the list by including a polymer-clay related tip in your post. Off-topic posts are things like jokes, funny web sites, etc.

--Edit Replies! (snipping) Quoting too much of the email to which you are replying quite often hinders communication. Try and keep quoting to a minimum, but do not quote so little that list members don't know to what you are replying.

 -- try and quote only the portion of the email that shows the topic and the point the other person was trying to make. If you include too much of the originator's email, then some people may not have the time to read your post.

--Please be aware of what you are posting. Before posting a reply to the list make sure that you are not repeating an answer or suggestion already posted to the list. Please read through the posts before sending your reply, so as to avoid repeating another person's answer verbatim.

--Posts to the list should be concise and to the point. Posts merely expressing thanks to a single individual should be sent to that person's personal e-mail address. It is better to read through a thread and aggregate your comments into a single post than to send one line additions to each of the 10 messages in the thread.

--Change Subject headings when appropriate. Don't respond with Re: Digest #

-- When replying to a Digest, please be sure not to include the entire Digest. This will get folks riled up pretty quickly, and often causes members to unsubscribe from the list.

--Signature Lines

Signature lines are generally acceptable when used in replies to posts made on the list, however they must conform to the following guidelines:

  1.  Please keep signature lines to a maximum of five (5) lines.  A sig file of no more than three (3) lines is preferred.
  2. Sig files may contain site URLs, but they may NOT include advertising of any kind.
  3. Sig files may NOT contain affiliate links of any kind, including links to hosting reseller programs, MLMs, paid browsing or e-mail programs, etc.
  4. Sig files should NOT contain meaningless disclaimers as to the content or opinions expressed in the e-mail. If you are posting from a company address that requires such a disclaimer to be appended, we suggest you either use the list page at to post your list messages, or sign-up for an account at one of the many free providers and use this for posting to the list.
  5. Vendors may not post advertisements to the list for their products under any circumstances. URLs in signature lines are generally acceptable when used in replies to posts made on the list.

--AUTORESPONDERS/NO MAIL - Autoresponders of any kind are prohibited from this list. If your subscribed address responds to a single post with an autoresponder, the moderators will immediately place that address on "no mail" status. The address will be placed on moderated status as well, to ensure that no autoreplies get through to the list. You will need to turn off your autoresponder in order to be removed from moderated status.

Likewise, if posts made to the list generate "bounce" messages to other list members, the "bouncing" address will be placed on no-mail status. You will need to manually reset your mail status at yahoogroups.

--If a moderator asks you to drop a thread - please drop it. You may be put on moderated status for continuing threads the moderators have asked you to stop.

--If you realize that you have broken the list rules in any way, you must "pay" the group for the "additional noise" by posting a polymer-clay related tip to the list.

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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