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Welcome Letter


Welcome to the Clayers with Disabilities [CWD] group at Yahoo! Groups. This group is just getting started. FAQs and list rules are still being developed, however, we ask that all members observe standard mailing list etiquette when posting to this list. You should be receiving the current list rules in a separate post.

This group is a place for clayers with disabilities to gather and discuss how their disabilities effect their claying, both positive and negative. It is part support group, part newsletter, part information exchange, and part tip central. Clayers with disabilities are welcome to discuss their disabilities, ask questions about how others handle certain issues, exchange tips and techniques, and kvetch about their disabilities acting up. Folks with arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS, developmental disabilities, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, and all other types of disabilities are welcome.

This list is also a resource for folks without disabilities who wish to share in and add to our collective knowledge. This includes occupational therapists, recreational specialists, art therapists, and other disabilities professionals, art teachers who are looking to accommodate students with disabilities, special educators, camp counselors, and anyone else who needs ideas or has questions about polymer clay and disabilities.

In short, we welcome anyone with an interest in polymer clay and disabilities. We welcome discussion about anything that has to do with polymer clay and/or people with disabilities. We welcome people with all types of experience-levels with clay, from complete newbie to professional.

What we don't welcome is e-mail harvesters, spammers, and advertisers. For this reason, all new members are placed on moderated status. Initial posts to the group are checked by a moderator to ensure they fit our group, and that someone is not joining only to spam the group. Attachments are banned to eliminate the possibility of viruses being spread through the list. To post pictures and files to share with the group, please use our group page ( To learn more about this list, please visit <>.

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to If you do not wish to belong to clayerswithdisabilities, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to

If you have any questions, please contact the list owner at the address below. Please also post a short introduction to the list, including your interest in joining this group. Thanks, and welcome!

Laurel Nevans
List Owner, Clayers with Disabilities
Group Page:

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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