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Glass Attic

. . . If you're new to polymer clay --or just want loads of info about it-- you may be interested in my polymer clay "encyclopedia," a website I call Glass Attic.

So far there are over 90 categories ( 1300 pages) of information relating to all of the polymer techniques I'm aware of, in addition to info about tools, supply sources, solving problems, and more.
(I also have categories on the business end of polymer, doing shows & demos, and teaching, as well as on photographing polymer items and on inspiration & creativity.)

Each of the categories contains many links to photo examples, and often to lessons as well.  (At the bottom of the home page are instructions on how to search for any subject or word at my site; most of the "lessons" can also be found using that search feature and the word LESSON.)

The Glass Attic category called "General Polymer Clay Information" gives a sort of overview of polymer clay (local and online polymer groups, *many* uses of polymer clay, some helpful websites, and where to find even more information.).  It's a good place to start.

FYI, here is a condensed list of all the categories you'll find on the home page at GlassAttic:

Clay brands/characteristics (&Translucents/Glow-in-the-Dark), Preparation (warming, conditioning), Baking, Glues, Liquid Sculpey, Finishing (sealing, sanding, buffing, tumbling), Tools (Dremels, work surfaces, brayers,Otts), Cutters/blades, Clay Guns, Pasta Machines, Storage, Safety, Cleaning, Books/Mag’s/Videos, Supply Sources

Kids & Beginners, Color, Blends, Scraps, Canes (instructions,, reducing, faces, old canes), Mica effects, Covering things (metal, glass, etc., Pens, Eggs, Bottles of Hope), Powders, Metallic waxes/chalks, Leafing (foil), Mosaics (&Inlay), Onlay, Frames/Mirrors, Stamping/Texturing, Molds, Carving, Transfers, Lettering, Inks, Paints, Mokume Gane, Fauxs (many types & ivory,turquoise,wood), Inclusions, Jewelry (general, beads,drilling/boiling, buttons, pendants/cording, vessels (boxes, bowls, "rock" vessels), Structures/houses (& gingerbread houses, candies), Books (mini & covers), Cards, Mixing Media, Wire, Christmas (& other holidays), Men/teachers/gifts, Quilt, Sculpting (general, heads/masks, body parts, tools), Armatures, Miniatures, Other Materials, Outdoor/snowglobes/fountains, Kaleidoscopes, Photography, Business/shows/demos/teaching, Groups (guilds & Online groups/chats/swaps) Creating interest/finding people, What is Creativity/art? inspiration), and more . . .

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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