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Artistcrafts' Clock Store has added clocks to our product line.  Currently, we are carrying two types of clocks: desk clocks and wall clocks.  Desk clocks are approximately 4" x 4" square, and include an acrylic stand.  Wall clocks are approximately 8" x 10".  Each clock runs for about a year on a single size AA battery (not included).

Space Clocks are made with black, liquid clay and various colors of mica powders (golds, interference blue, silvers, coppers, etc.) on a tile base and sealed with an acrylic finish.  Each clock is custom made, by hand, to order.

Space Clock--Vertical Wall Clock

Vertical-style wall clock, $60.00

x-click-but10.gif (90x23 -- 0 bytes)

Space Clock--wall, horizontal

Horizontal -style wall clock, $60.00


x-click-but10.gif (90x23 -- 0 bytes)

Space Clock, Desk Style

Desk clock, $50.00


x-click-but10.gif (90x23 -- 0 bytes)

Blue/Silver/Black Mokume Gane Clock

Custom Mokume Gane Clocks

Desk Clock: $50
Wall Clock: $60

E-Mail for purchase information

Clock Gallery

See some of our clocks in the Gallery at

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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