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Ocean Mokume Gane
Lighter Covers

Ocean Mokume Gane Lighter Cover Trio

Ocean Mokume gane Lighter Covers fit standard bic lighters.  Hand-made from polymer clay applied to a nickel-silver sleeve, each cover is unique, having its own special nuances.  Ocean Mokume Gane is made from layers of translucent clay and iridescent mica powders, which is then carefully distorted to produce waves of color that mimic the ocean before a storm, and which sparkle and glimmer with each reflection of light.

Ocean Mokume Gane Lighter Sleeves are available in three motifs:

  • Ocean Mokume Gane on Silver Sleeve
    (pictured above left);

  • Ocean Mokume Gane on metallic blue background
    (pictured above, center);

  • Ocean Mokume Gane on Glow-in-the-Dark Background
    (pictured, above right);

  • Ocean Mokume Gane on Pearl Background;
    (not shown).

Or, you may choose your favorite color for the background.

Ocean Mokume Gane Lighter Cover (Glow)

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