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Custom Switchplate Order
Virginia N.
November, 2001

Virginia wanted to decorate her entire house with custom-designed switchplates.  She ordered switchplates in different color schemes for the rooms listed below.  I prepared the following order page when I was finished, so that she could select from the designs I prepared especially for her. 
  • Apartment
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Den
  • Hallway
  • Click on any thumbnail to view the picture full-sized, in a new window


    3 Single Switchplate Covers

    • 1 Caned,
    • 1 Swirled,
    • 2 Artist Choice
    • Acrylic Finish


    • 303--Dusty Rose
    • 1015--Green Pearl
    • Artist Choice


    cityset_small.jpg (170x94 -- 7206 bytes)

    Here's a shot of the set of 4 switchplates.
    city1_small.jpg (170x210 -- 9669 bytes) "Swirled plate" in Dusty Rose & Green Pearl
    city2_small.jpg (170x242 -- 12963 bytes)  A Caned plate
    city3_small.jpg (170x199 -- 8060 bytes) Another caned plate
    city4_small.jpg (170x222 -- 10177 bytes) The end of this set. 


    Dining Room

    • Single Switchplate
    • Pearl, blue, light blue pearl

    diningrm_small.jpg (170x196 -- 9769 bytes)

    Slices of blue agate cane, on a light blue pearl background.


    Living Room

    • Standard Double Switchplate
    • Turquoise
    • Blue Pearl
    • Pearl or Lemon


    livrmlemon_small.jpg (170x150 -- 10511 bytes) II was afraid this plate might be too bright for the customer's formal living room, but she loved it.
    livrmchoice_small.jpg (170x120 -- 10508 bytes) I gave the customer three color choices for the living room plate are shown in this picture, next to the dining room plate (for reference). Although the one in the top right corner looks kind of pinkish on-screen, it is, in fact, pearl. 



    • Standard Double Plate
    • Green/Rust/Tan
    • To match plate purchased at Summer Artist Market

    kitchchoice1_small.jpg (170x102 -- 7741 bytes)

    I used the same cane on two doubles.  The one on the left has a gradiated green background, while the one on the right is on a darker background.



    • Standard Single Switchplate; Standard Plug Cover
    • Beige, Sienna, Blue Pearl
    denchoice_small.JPG (170x115 -- 6970 bytes) I gave the customer two from which to choose.  I had a hard time shooting them, as I forgot to photograph BEFORE glazing.  Hence, I provided multiple shots
    denchoice2_small.JPG (170x92 -- 6384 bytes) Another shot of the pair
    den1_small.JPG (170x102 -- 6808 bytes) This has a beige background.
    den2_small.JPG (170x108 -- 7660 bytes) Although you can barely tell in the photo, the background of this plate gradiates from sienna to umber.
    plug1_small.JPG (170x117 -- 7361 bytes) I made matching plug covers with this order  This one matches the plate with the beige background..
    plug2_small.JPG (170x131 -- 7289 bytes) This matches the other plate. 



    • Double-sized plate: One Regular, One Wide
    • Blue Pearl, Alizarin Crimson, Beige

    hallchoice_small.jpg (170x251 -- 14760 bytes)

    I gave the customer a choice of plates adorned with cane slices: one had a marbled blue background, and the other had a beige gradiated background.  Both are adorned with various cane slices in your chosen color schemes.
    • 1 double Plate
    • 1 Single-sized, wide/slide plate
    • Blue, Maroon, Beige, Pearl
    hallset_small.jpg (170x221 -- 12394 bytes) I did this set first.  The background is beige.  It is adorned with slices from 2 canes in blue, maroon, beige, and pearl.
    After finishing the above set, I did this wide/slide.  The background is 1/2 blue and 1/2 beige.  It's adorned with cane slices in gold/alizarin crimson, blue/pearl, and blue/alizarin crimson/beige.  The customer loved it, and both it and the above set.. 


    A customer can always request that ANY plate to be redone if he/she is not satisfied with a custom design.  In this case, the customer actually purchased MORE switchplates than originally offered.  Where given a choice, she wanted them all!

    Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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