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Ocean Mokume Gane Fan Pulls

Ocean Mokume Gane Fann Pull


  • Scraps left over from Mokume Gane Pin project
  • Scrap clay for center
  • Skewer or Needle Tool
  • Fan Chain


I very often make fan pulls with the scraps left over from projects that utilize caned sheets. In other words, you can use any project leftovers to make fan pulls such as these.

Form scrap clay into ballForm scrap clay into a ball a little smaller than you want your finished fan pull to be.



Cover ball with scrapsCover ball with leftover scraps from your sheet. Scraps may overlap. Ensure all base clay is covered with sheet scraps.

Roll smoothRoll ball smooth.

Shape into a fan-pull type shape.


Make hole in top for chainMake a hole in the top using a skewer or needle tool.


Insert chain Insert chain in hole. Gently roll clay up and around chain. Roll to smooth.

Bake on an accordion-folded manila file at 275 degrees for at least one hour. Plunge into a bowl of ice water immediately upon removing from the oven.

Ocean Mokume Gane fan Pulls

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