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Ocean Mokume Gane Votive Candle Holder

Ocean Mokume Gane Votive

NOTE: The projects and tutorials on this page were all created by Laurel Nevans, Polymer Clay Artist.  You may feel free to link to this page,  but you may not copy or reproduce any part of it without the written permission of Laurel Nevans.  Please link to this page, rather than linking to the actual tutorial page.  All projects and tutorials on this page are copyrighted by Laurel Nevans .


  • Ocean Mokume Gane Block
  • Glass Votive Holder
  • Tissue Blade
  • Sanding Sponges in Medium, Fine, and Superfine (I use 3-M Brand)
  • 00 Steel Wool or 3-m Finishing Pad


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Shave thin slices off top of MG block Clean candle holder with alcohol (to remove all oils, and so clay will adhere.)

Cut thin slices off the top of the Mokume Gane block using the Tissue Blade.
Apply slices to votive holder apply slicesApply slices directly to candle holder
Continue applying slices Continue applying slices until candle holder is completely covered. Use your fingertips to gently stretch the clay as you apply it. You may overlap slices, where necessary.
Covered candle holder Look through inside of holder for small spaces. Fill any gaps or spaces with bits of Mokume Gane
Roll to smooth Roll candle holder on your work surface to smooth.
Trim Trim any excess clay from top and bottom of holder.
Place into a cold oven. Turn oven to 275 degrees. Once the oven has reached proper temperature, bake the candle holder for approximately 45 minutes. Let cool in oven.

When cool, wet sand using Medium sanding sponge. Sand again using fine sponge, then using superfine sponge. Finish by polishing w/ finishing pad or 00 steel wool.

Buff using soft cloth, chamois, or your jeans.

Bake on a tile @ 275 for 45 min.


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Ocean Mokume Gane Votive

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