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Bookmark Gallery

Artistcrafts own unique book clips
designed to stay in your book

Laurel likes to read when she travels or takes the subway, and she often finds herself throwing a book into her purse.  She hated reaching for her book, only to find her bookmark had fallen out and was laying in the bottom of her purse (or briefcase) somewhere.  To help address this problem, Laurel designed her polymer clay book clips.  Using her popular patterns, blends, and/or mokume ganes, Laurel fashions bookmarks that have a clip on the back, so the bookmark will stay in the book when she it gets thrown into a bag. (In two of the photos, there is a bookmark flipped on to its back, showing the simple clip design.)  These book clips work great in paperbacks and hard cover books.  They're not as great in magazines with "slick" pages though.

asstbkmk_small.jpg (300x218 -- 23142 bytes)
asstbkmk1_small.jpg (300x184 -- 18716 bytes)
asstbkmk2_small.jpg (300x217 -- 28449 bytes)

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