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Polymer Clay Lighter Cover

Each lighter cover is hand-made from polymer clay and is unique, with its own special nuances.  Some covers are made completely from polymer clay, while others are polymer clay on a nickel-silver sleeve.  The covers fit standard bic lighters.  Many have glow-in-the-dark elements, which can be very handy in a dark car or club.  The gallery below represents only a small portion of the designs available at my booth.  Lighter sleeves may be custom ordered.  In addition, several of our more popular designs are available in our Lighter Cover Store.

Click on any thumbnail to open the picture full-sized, in a new window

Starry Sky cover    I call this series "A starry sky".  The cover has a black backing, with Pearl-Ex Interference Blue Mica Powder forming the clouds behind the glow-in-the-dark stars.
Mokume Gane   This cover is made with a pink/blue/silver Mokume Gane over a pearl backing.
Silver-Blue-Pink Mokume Gane   Another lighter cover made with the same Mokume Gane block.
Ocean Mokume Gane Trio   Here is a trio of Ocean Mokume Gane lighter covers.  One is Ocean Mokume Gane on a silver sleeve, one is Ocean Mokume gane on Metallic Blue Premo, and the third is Ocean Mokume gane on Glow-in-the-Dark Premo.
Ocean Mokume Gane-Blue Marble   This cover is Ocean Mokume gane scraps, marbled with blue metallic premo, and applied to a silver sleeve.
911 Memorial Cover   Here's a shot of a 9/11 Memorial Lighter Cover.  This cover is part of the series of Patriotic Art I created to commemorate the September 11 tragedy.
Flag Cover   Another Memorial Lighter Cover.
Trio of 9/11 Memorial Lighters   A shot of a trio of Flag Lighter Covers.
Mokume Gane on Glow Clay   This cover is Mokume gane on Glow-in-the-Dark clay.  The Mokume Gane is mainly lavender and gold.
Mokume Gane on Black   The same Mokume Gane on black, textured backgrounds.
Mokume gane on Black   More lighter covers using the same Mokume gane block.
Translucent Flowers on Pearl   Here's a trio of covers made from my first package of Kato Clay.  The flower cane is made from tinted translucents, and the backgrounds of all three covers are Kato Pearl.
Blue/Silver on Glow Clay   This trio is made from a blue translucent & silver leaf swirl cane, applied to glow-in-the-dark backgrounds.
Blue-Silver Swirl   Two more covers, made from the same cane.  One is on glow clay, while the other is on Kato Pearl.
Bright Chrys. on Glow   This is a Chrysanthemum Cane, made from Day-Glo colors and black clay, applied to a glow-in-the-dark background.
Glow-Brights under Black Light   A similar lighter cover, photographed under black light.
Black Light Shot A Another Black Light shot.
Beige-Blue on Glow   Beige, brown, and blue themed cane slices on a glow-in-the-dark background.


Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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