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Gallery: Dog Tags/ID Caps

Dog Tag Gallery

Dog Tags/Identification Capsules
DSCN0350_small.jpg (175x131 -- 6612 bytes)

Lucy Ratdog (above) loves her stylish dog tag.  Unscrew the top, and it contains a scroll that has all of her "important information" (like her Mommy's name, address, and phone, her Vet's info, and her Rabies Shot information.)  The capsules shown below all have glow-in-the dark backgrounds, giving Lucy an extra degree of visibility should she get out after dark.  Artistcrafts' Dog Tags are available in a wide variety of color patterns, on colored or on glow-in-the-dark backgrounds.  Each dog tag comes complete with a scroll to hold your pet's information.

Laurel designed these dog tags for several reasons.  First, it gives Laurel an "extra degree of protection" when men stop to play with Lucy when they're out walking.  Laurel does not have to worry about anyone surreptitiously getting her address or phone number off Lucy's tag.  Second, Laurel and Lucy like to hit the road together.  Whenever they're away from "home base", Laurel inserts a scroll into Lucy's tag that holds the local contact information.  That way, if Lucy escapes, it's easy for someone to return her to the temporary home.  Finally, Lucy loves "girly girl" accoutrements, and hence, loves the fact that she is one of the few non-humans in the neighborhood who get to sport a hand-made, one of a kind, piece of jewelry.  Lucy is a good girl, and she deserves to be spoiled with functional jewelry.

My sister saw Lucy's Dog Tag one day and immediately purchased two to be used on young children's backpacks.  She loves the idea of ensuring her children have Mommy and Daddy's contact information with them at all times, but that a stranger cannot find this information easily.  One of my nephews is still too young to know his address and phone number "by heart".  He doesn't know Mommy's cell phone number either.  My sister has taught him to "present" his ID Capsule to a "trusted adult" (police man, security guard, store clerk, etc.) should he ever get lost or separated from his family.  When they go out of town, she makes a new scroll with the hotel information included.  She's purchased several additional ID caps for her nieces and nephews.

These ID caps are also fantastic for adults with cognitive disabilities and/or Alzheimer's Disease.  ID caps can be strung on an adjustable leather cord, with or without accent beads.  They can also be put on a key ring.  They are great accessories for adults that may need to carry identity reminders with them at all times, but may wander away without a purse or wallet. 

Click here to see a slide show of Lucy modeling her dog tag. 

   asst1_small.jpg (175x67 -- 3257 bytes)   asst2_small.jpg (175x59 -- 3011 bytes)  
  close1_small.jpg (175x131 -- 4400 bytes)   close2_small.jpg (175x131 -- 4679 bytes)  
  asst3_small.jpg (175x77 -- 3411 bytes)   asst4_small.jpg (175x80 -- 3267 bytes)  
  closemg_small.jpg (175x131 -- 4654 bytes)   mgcloseup_small.jpg (175x131 -- 3603 bytes)  
  Click on any thumbnail to view the picture full-sized; click your browser's back button to return to the gallery.  

To purchase dog tags, contact us.  Each dog tag/id capsule is hand-made to order, and costs $7.50 each.  Dog Tags/ID caps are available in a variety of colors and patterns.  They are available as necklaces, strung on an adjustable leather cord with matching accent beads, for $15.00 each.  For information on wholesale purchases, visit our Wholesale Section.

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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