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Gallery: Boxes

Many of these boxes started out as Altoid ™ Boxes, Candy Tins, or other such product packaging.  I love recycling expensive product packaging into artistic home accents using polymer clay.  One less thing for the landfill!


 Agate Box


 I call this my "blue agate" box.  It started life as an Altoid™ box. It has hand-made "feet" that match the lid. 



 2 boxes


 Here's the blue agate box along with a black and white box...



 Purple/Blue Pearl


 This box is blue pearl, with a translucent lace cane topping.  It's matching feet are hidden in the picture...



Gold/Crimson/Black Chevron mini


This is a "mini-tin", covered with a gold & crimson chevron pattern on top, and black premo on the bottom.


  Gold/Black Maze Mini Tin  

Shot #1 of a mini-tin, with a black and gold maze design on the top.

  Gold/Black Maze #2  

A second shot of the gold and black maze design.

    A black and gold Mokume Gane box.  
    Another Mokume gane box, in black, gold, alizarin crimson, and translucent.  
    Another box, made with the same Mokume Gane block.  
    The bottom of a mokume gane on gold box.  
    The top side of the box.  
    A gold and translucent lavender Mokume Gane box.  
    Another Mokume Gane box.  This one is silver, pink, and light blue.  
  (Click on any thumbnail to open the picture in its own window...)


More Boxes


Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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