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Polymer Clay Veneered Switchplate Covers

by Polymer Clay Artist Laurel Nevans

(Click on any thumbnail to open the full-sized picture...)

mgseaside_small.jpg (150x174 -- 6013 bytes) agateswirl_small.jpg (150x182 -- 7775 bytes) bwswitch2_small.jpg (150x174 -- 7042 bytes)
grmgcable_small.jpg (150x187 -- 4910 bytes) goldblkplug_small.jpg (150x181 -- 7318 bytes) gradmg_small.jpg (150x183 -- 5239 bytes)
mggradsing_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5375 bytes) greenmg_small.jpg (150x112 -- 3767 bytes) gradmgblue_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5941 bytes)
dimmer_small.jpg (150x195 -- 5831 bytes) blkgoldsing_small.jpg (150x171 -- 7621 bytes) blkgoldsingle_small.jpg (150x181 -- 6735 bytes)
bwswitch_small.jpg (150x112 -- 4349 bytes) bwdbl_small.jpg (150x112 -- 4795 bytes) blgragate_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5552 bytes)
spacer.gif (1x1 -- 43 bytes) spacer.gif (1x1 -- 43 bytes) spacer.gif (1x1 -- 43 bytes) next

 Many of the items pictured in this photo gallery are available for purchase at my booth.  Please see the "Appearing At" page to find out where my booth is scheduled to appear next.  If you are interested in a particular item pictured here, e-mail me to see if the item is still available.  If I still have it in stock, I'll reply with purchasing information (United States only).  Other items pictured within have already found happy homes, and are included as examples of my work. 

Our Switchplate Cover Gallery Continues

Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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