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Galleries: Pens

Artistcrafts' Pen Gallery has three types of pens in our product line: Pen Pot Sets, Rollerball Pens, and Cross-Style Twist Pens.  We also carry mechanical pencils and pen/pencil sets.  Fountain Pens are available by special order, and are similar in appearance to our Rollerball Pens.  Pen Pots are available in desk style, velcro, stick-up, and magnetic, and contain stick-type pens.  (The stick-up and velcro pen pots are perfect for computer monitors or telephones; the magnetic ones are perfect for the refrigerator.)  We also offer pen sets made in "school colors"--the perfect gift for a new grad heading off to college.  Please e-mail for ordering information, or visit our Pen Store.

A Selection of Pens, as Displayed at my Booth


Collectable Pens
including Pen Pencil sets, Cross Style Twist Pens, and Rollerballs

Cross-Style Twist Pens

Twist Pens, Rollerballs, and Pen/Pencil Sets

Pens in University Colors Coming Soon!

Stick Pens

Click Pens

Pen Store

Style Galleries:

Twist Pens by Style



Member, National Polymer Clay Guild

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